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Conversion therapy is the pseudoscientific practice of trying to change an individual's sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual using psychological or spiritual interventions. There is no reliable evidence that sexual orientation can be changed and medical bodies warn that conversion therapy practices are ineffective and potentially harmful.

The film "Boy Erased" highlights controversial conversion therapies in the United States, which attempt to change homosexual children to heterosexual. This practice is surprisingly common in Author: David RICH.

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While the dust settles on all of this, we have to remind ourselves that it wasn't too long ago that reparative therapies had less to do with praying the gay away and more to do with physically removing it. Before the American Psychiatric Association (APA) declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1973, aversion therapy was used Author: Jamie Scot.

This is sometimes called 'conversion therapy'. In therapies like this one, homosexual individuals have tried to change themselves to heterosexual and have even claimed they were changed, but most people do not believe it is possible. Conversion therapy or reparative therapy aims to change sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual.