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Teen moms have an array of challenges unique to the young mother. From not having a partner to help raise the baby to finishing school and finding a job, often, these issues are more than a teen can deal with on her own. Support groups can help inform and educate the .

Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Teens. Highlights the Parent Connection program in Wisconsin designed to support teen parents and their children that offers the following programs, Parents as Teachers for teen parents, teen parent mentoring program, fatherhood programs, and young parent group and workshops.

Teen Parent Connection is a nonprofit agency serving teen parents in DuPage County as they navigate the challenges of both parenthood and adolescence. In addition, we offer school-based pregnancy prevention education programs in middle schools and high .

Jul 18, 2017 · Teen moms can apply for things like formula, milk and basic food items through the state. WIC also offers breastfeeding and nutrition resources, health care and other support through their agencies. WIC conducts periodical interviews to ensure the health of the children and the mother's ongoing need for assistance. Contact the WIC office in.

Because the parents of minor-mothers are legally responsible to support their daughters until emancipation, they must pay child support for their minor-mother daughters. The Welfare Reform Act has enacted important changes for teenage parents and minor-mothers.