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Teens With Bipolar Disorder: The Struggle To Stay In School my bipolar teen

Your teen’s doctor may perform a physical exam, an interview, and lab tests. Although your doctor can’t diagnose bipolar disorder through a blood test or body scan, it helps to rule out other Author: Annamarya Scaccia.

Jul 12, 2018 · How can I help my bipolar teen? It's key that teenagers with bipolar disorder avoid alcohol and drugs, which can interact with medications or .

During turbulent teenager years, it’s common for young people to struggle with the social and academic pressures of high school, but a teen with bipolar disorder is far more likely to get.

Bipolar disorder that starts during childhood or dur-ing the teen years is called early-onset bipolar disorder. Early-onset bipolar disorder seems to be more severe than the forms that first appear in older teens and adults. Youth with bipolar disorder are different from .

The majority of bipolar disorder symptoms start in the teenage years. However, in my experience, determining the difference between typical teenage behavior and behavior that is a result of bipolar disorder is difficult for even the most experienced professionals. In order to help parents and Author: Julie A. Fast.