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The Sexual ChiKong for women is another kind of the exercises, in contraction to that for men, that can enhance her muscle around the vagina and urethra and accelerate her sexual response to the stimulation inside the vagina.

Sexual ChiKong basically works in two ways: Accelerating or Decelerating sexual orgasms, depending on how you want to contract or expand you sexual muscles with your internal force (termed as the Chi, or the force with breathing). In the old Taoism tales, it is said that you can partially numb your body part in a surgery operation by focusing your chi into it without chemicals.

Aug 19, 2012 · I tell you there are 4 necessary steps that are required in order to complete the Sex Chi-Kong: These are (1) Relax and control your breathing, (2) Inhale through your nose deeply at intervals of 2-5 seconds, (3) Hold your breath and move your expanded abdomen downward, and (4) Contract your anus by clenching its muscles.

What is Sexual ChiKong Intercourse? (click here)? Sexual ChiKong Intercourse is to perform a simulaneously mutual vagal nervous stimulation with the glans penis to massage the cervix/Epicenter, the male pubis to massage the clitoris, the male nipples to massage/touch the female breast/nipple (if possible), and a tongue-entering-mouth kiss (tongue-penetrating French kiss) during intercouse. .

Sexual Kung-Fu The Chinese believed that the entire universe is pervaded with life energy. They call this energy “Chi”. It is Chi that creates life and through its careful management one can achieve good health, sex and longevity.