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Federalism Sucks: How Consolidated Power Corrupts Absolutely. By Lij Teodrose Fikremariam on March 6, 2017. Y ou know how “liberals” and “conservatives” are constantly in a state of war? Notice how those who self-identify as Republicans or Democrats are constantly bickering with the “other side”? Federalism is the enemy of the.

The Federalists were originally those forces in favor of the ratification of the Constitution (text) and were typified by. A desire to establish a strong central government (unlike that which existed under the Articles of Confederation) ; A corresponding desire for weaker state governments.

The Federalists were also aware that that the problems of the country in the 1780s stemmed from the weaknesses of the central government created by the Articles of Confederation. For Federalists, the Constitution was required in order to safeguard the liberty and independence that the American Revolution had created.

Public opinion about the Constitution quickly became separated into two camps, the Federalists and the Antifederalists. Most Federalists were wealthy, well-educated, and unified by the desire for a powerful, centralized government. Their leaders were usually influential men such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

Federalist Party, early U.S. national political party that advocated a strong central government and held power from 1789 to 1801, during the rise of the country’s political system. The term ‘federalist’ was first used in 1787 to describe the supporters of the newly written Constitution.