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The Stars Come Out To Play: Justin Tensen - Shirtless, Barefoot & Naked in "Queer As Folk USA" justin tensen naked pics

5 years ago From Justin Tensen: Just found this on the world wide web folks I have never heard of this site but it tickles me that people are out there thinking I deserve a .

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Justin Tensen - Shirtless, Barefoot & Naked in "Queer As Folk USA" Posted by Naked & Shirtless Twitter Pics. Thomas is probably best known for starring in the "This Is England" film & tv series. Justin Neff (1) Justin Tensen (2) Kacey Mottet Klein (1) Kai Hillebrand (1).

Jan 03, 2009 · Talented actor Justin Tensen might be known to many of you for his brief but memorable turn playing the character Justin's Doppleganger on 'Queer As Folk' Although Doppleganger might be a strong word as the character was not evil, his brief scene certainly was a powerful one, showcasing feelings Brian had for Justin he struggled so hard to admit.