- head in lady shaved tirumala


head in lady shaved tirumala

Dec 23, 2017 · After Kaliyuga started, Vishnu became a man with the name of Srinivasa and came to the Earth and started to search for Lakshmi Devi. As he was in human form, he had all the feelings like hunger and thirst. So, he fell down under a tree due to fati.

Women Barbers Tonsuring Tirupati. Women Barbers Tonsuring Tirupati will only be available at Kalyanakatta at regular hours from 7 am – 8 pm. Hair offering at Kalyanakatta is at free of cost. Tonsuring is a means to shed ego before entering darshan line.

First he started 4m d center of my head n shaved front part.. Then he shaved my bak n finish it off within 2 n half min.. I was very happy after gettin my head shaved n went 2 take bath n came out @ 9.15 am.. Then my relation came 2 tirumala by 10 am n they saw my bald head n were kidding me by calling me mottai, gundu n all.

Jan 31, 2015 · Indian Young Women Head Shave at Tirumala - with Lady Barber Indian Young Women Head Shave at Tirumala - with Lady Barber. at January 31, 2015. Email This BlogThis! Head Shaved Indians. Few Indian Womens Bun and Free Hair Style - 3 years ago Simple theme. Theme images by.