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Jan 14, 2017 · England’s ‘gay’ kings and queens defied society – during perhaps the most homophobic era of human history – to have same-sex lovers. Of 41 monarchs since William The Conqueror, we’ve.

William III was born in The Hague in the Dutch Republic on 4 November 1650. Baptised William Henry (Dutch: Willem Hendrik), he was the only child of stadtholder William II, Prince of Orange, and Mary, Princess Royal.Mary was the eldest daughter of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland and sister of King Charles II and King James II and VII. Father: William II, Prince of Orange.

All the king's men Sat, Aug 2, 2008, 01:00 PROFILE WILLIAM OF ORANGE Gay rights activists in Northern Ireland made the shocking (to some) claim that King Billy was gay, and certainly the young Author: The Irish Times.

The King, being that he was, had every right to take him as he pleased, as monarchs have had "mistresses" over the years. After reading as much as I have so far, I think that King Edward II was a gay hero! He wasn't afraid of anyone, not even his wife, and he lived his life the way he pleased. I wish all of us gay men could say that!Author: Kathryn Warner.

Oct 08, 2014 · Gayle King ‘Gay’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know The couple have a son, William, and daughter, Kirby, together. Barbara Winfrey, insinuated that Oprah and Gayle were lesbian lovers. 5 Author: Paul Farrell.