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—Dr. Robert Buckman “In Life in the Balance: My Journey with Breast Cancer, Dr Marla Shapiro sensitively and perceptively describes the double pressures (and more!) of being a breast cancer patient as well as being a physician — and Canada’s most well-known and much admired doctor at that.A large number of my patients with breast cancer have said how Dr Marla’s example inspires them.

Jun 13, 2013 · Dr. Marla Shapiro: On Cancer, Her Busy Lifestyle, and What It’s Like to Be a Patient By Carol Crenna Dr. Marla Shapiro has been offering the latest in health and medical news on CTV’s Canada AM for 13 years. She is also on CTV National News; she hosts Balance: Television for Living Well; she writes for.

Aug 27, 2013 · Dr. Marla Shapiro explores a new report, which looks at how the terminology a doctor uses to describe a condition can sway a patient's choice of treatment.Author: Dr. Marla Shapiro.

Nov 01, 2006 · Globe columnist Dr. Marla Shapiro takes your questions out she had an invasive form of breast cancer. Like the more than 20,000 Canadian .

Dr. Marla Shapiro. MDCM, CCFP. MHSc, FRCP, FCFP, NCMP. Dr. Marla completed medical school at McGill University and trained at the University of Toronto for her Masters of Health Science in Community Health and Epidemiology. She trained in Family Medicine and .