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Prepared Montessorian is a professional development platform seeking to provide the practicing adult Montessori educator with the tools, resources, perspective, and inspiration—the prepared environment—necessary to optimally guide the communities under her care.

These are some of our favorite quotes from Dr. Maria Montessori herself regarding the teacher, or the adult, in the environment. They are not listed in any particular order and you may notice some of these quotes listed in other areas of our site, as well.

Mar 18, 2009 · The Six Principles of the Montessori Prepared Environment Explained 1. Freedom Montessori believed that a child must be free to explore and follow his own natural impulses, thus developing his potential and increasing his knowledge of the world around him.

Printable Materials. From Montessori Album. Jump to: navigation, search. These materials are all free to use in your classrooms or homes. Contents. 1 Practical Life; 2 Sensorial; 3 Language. 3.1 Handwriting Paper; 3.2 Picture Matching; 4 Math; 5 Social Studies;.

Montessori Montessori term papers examine the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori. Part of Montessori education is the use of a “prepared environment.” The goal of this plane is to prepare children to be an adult within society. Finally, the fourth plane covers age 18 – 24.