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Life Skills Lesson Plans Choosing a lesson. The lesson plan should include skills and concepts that match Instruction. Lectures on any of the above skills sets provide an outline of the concepts, Activity. Choose an activity that suits the lesson. Applying Life Skills. Encourage students to.

Students in your life skills program deserve to have topnotch material, and this comprehensive collection is teeming with transition activities to secure their success. The ample array of high interest lessons is just a convenient click away. Treat your students to these essential and absorbing materials!

Kids are fascinated by chickens and their eggs. Here is a learning exercise has young learners take a look at the four stages in a chicken's life cycle. They have four cycles to organize: egg, chick, young bird, and adult. They have to.

The Life Skills Handbook defines life skills to include “decision-making, goal setting, problem-solving, coping with stress, coping with emotions, negotiating, friendship, interpersonal relationships, empathy (concern for others), critical thinking, creative thinking, resisting peer pressure, assertiveness.”.

Lesson Plans Our free lesson plans are our most popular educator resources, with thousands of downloads every month. Each lesson includes a simple plan and presentation slides that can be adapted to suit most learning environments. For students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, look for resources marked SEND adapted.