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When the display indicates 0.0 the scale is ready. For infants, place the platform on a table, attach the infant slide-on tray, press Infant Zero Button and place the infant on the cradle. The SR241 Adult or Baby Scale is powered by 1 common 9 volt alkaline battery, which will provide approximately 3000 weight readings before replacement.Accuracy: 0.2% +/- 1 digit of display resolution over 0.2 kg.

MULTI-FUNCTION DIGITAL SCALE: The Toddler Scale can be used for Infant, Child, Adult, even the Baby Pets. With the height measurement inside the tray,this scale can also read the baby’s height. SENSITIVE TOUCH BUTTON: The Digital Baby Scale including On/Off, Zero function, Hold function, kg /oz / lb switchable.4.5/5(220).

Adult and Child weighing mode can be used to keep track of a child's wellbeing. With this scale, you can keep the child cradled in the safety of your arms and get the child's precise weight. The scale ignores the adult weight when the adult and child are weighed together, leaving only the child's weight.Brand: Hopkins Medical Products.

Baby Scales. Newborns and infants can benefit from having their weight gain closely monitored due to any number of reasons. Having a scale at home to monitor your baby's weight during the first year can be reassuring and also prevent extra trips to the doctor's office for weight checks.

Does the iSnow-Med Scale Measure Toddler or Adult Weight? Yes, iSnow-Med Scale with a Large Capacity 100kg (220lbs) and an Accuracy of ±10g, it can measure Baby, Toddler and Adult weight accurately. Remove the Tray from Baby Scale, the Baby Scale will be converted to be a Toddler/Adult scale. Suitable for whole family use.3.9/5(88).