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When a woman’s pussy is licked, she will feel sensations that can easily heighten, especially, when her clit is being licked. She will feel a pleasurable heat that spreads from her inner vagina all throughout her groin and ultimately heats up her whole body.

I've been wondering, I mean I understand when a girl gives a guy oral and stuff, but does a girl like getting oral from a guy? I know it depends on the person receiving it and the person giving it, I guess my question would be for you girls, generally speaking, do you like getting your pussy licked.

Have done this a lot of times, from the age of 13 with our springer spaniel, to when I was pregnant and got the urge to now.. when I'm just about to go and get my pooch and let him have a good lick/suck on my pussy whilst I rub his little cock up until he's very excited. He likes to have me hold his cock whilst his cream comes all over the.

Oct 01, 2018 · Yes!!! Especially when they do it like they crave it. Nothing is hotter. There's a method to follow if you want to give her an extremely intense, whole body shaking orgasm. Now this all assuming that she has a freshly washed pussy. No woman should.

Who can hold themselves back from the allure of a woman deriving pleasure from someone licking her vagina? There are millions of horny women out there just lying naked in wait, legs apart, hoping to lock them around a hungry man's neck as he goes to town on her dripping wet slit.