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Welcome to the GEVA Adults home page, serving the adult community for the NJ & NY metropolitanarea. From this page, you will be able find the latest volleyball news and events (e.g., tournaments) for Adults as well as links to information for the adults (e.g., player/team registration, tournament schedules & registration, etc.).

Club (Adult) Club Volleyball Information (Adults) Club Volleyball for adults is an opportunity for males and females of varying abilities to develop their skills through competition while also furthering their social network. Legacy Volleyball Club is sanctioned through USA Volleyball and the Garden State Volleyball Association Region.

The SSC volleyball leagues are a great way to get in shape and meet new people. We have multiple options for adult co-ed volleyball leagues all over DFW including arena, indoor, or sand volleyball.

The adult volleyball league plays in the fall, winter and spring and is for YMCA members only. These leagues fill quickly. Fall League registration opens Aug. 1 Winter League registration opens Nov. 1 Spring League registration opens Jan. 1. Fall League Evaluation.

Volleyball is a social sport. Though SVC doesn’t have a liquor license, we want you to know it is OK for adults to quaff a beer or two that you bring to our facility after you’ve finished playing. We .