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The Consumer Vocational Rehabilitation program helps people with disabilities get ready for, find, and keep a job. It helps to increase their ability to live independently in their communities. The Consumer VR program works with individuals with every type of disability.

18 Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Office of Licensing QMHP/QMRP/QPPMH DEFINITIONS: "Qualified Mental Health Professional-Adult (QMHP-A)" means a person in the human services field who is trained and experienced in providing psychiatric or mental health services to individuals who have a mental illness; including.

Developmental Disability Services Person centered services are available to residents of the City of Alexandria with a diagnosis of developmental disability. Support Coordination, Residential and Vocational or Day Support services are offered to enable individuals to successfully live in the community as independently as possible with the.

Organization Description: State agency offering assistance to persons with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities to enable them to become self-supporting and independent. Provides comprehensive rehabilitative services and works with employers and .

Virginia Disability Services Agencies. The Disability Services Agencies (DSA) is a group of related agencies and organizations that provides various services, resources, and advocacy to older Virginians, Virginians with disabilities, and their families.