How to Care for a Pet Red Tail Boa - adult redtail boa


Red tail boa constrictor (Boa Constrictor Imperator) - Red Tail boa adult redtail boa

When you purchase one of our red tail boa cages or python terrariums, you can also order a stand. The stand allows you to elevate your boa cage to eye level, so you can tend to your pet without breaking your back. But it also enables you to store all the extra supplies you need in one convenient location—right under your red tail boa cages.

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The red-tailed boa is a member of the Boidae family of snakes. The sub-species are simply called “boa constrictors but the dominate species is the B. c. constrictor referred to also as the red-tailed boa and sometimes the boa constrictor imperator.. It can be found in North, South, and Central America.