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Whether your emphasis is on personal protection, improved health and fitness, and/or mental clarity and well being, our personalized instruction will help you discover the incredible benefits of our adult karate classes and its traditional values to everyday living.

The Action Karate Plan: To Help You Achieve Your Goals. Action Karate teaches traditional martial arts in a modern fitness environment. The students in our programs experience a number of life-changing physical and mental benefits. You will find yourself more focused and competitive in both your business life and personal life.

Youth and Adult Karate Programs. We offer karate programs for Youth and Adults alike. All skill levels and all ages. We believe in a learning environment that is fun, educational and respectful. Your child will learn discipline for others as we train and how to unlock their own individual potential.

Caring, knowledgeable and professional instructors! HRK is a clean family gym with roots in traditional martial arts, but with a curriculum that stays new and fresh. The children's Karate and Gracie bully-proof programs are a must for even the youngest school age kids! The adult programs are technical with a focus on practical application.

Our top notch instructors will help you meet your fitness goals, while keeping you engaged. Learn important self defense skills as you torch calories and get a great workout. Classes near Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow & Owasso, Bixby & Broken Arrow, and Owasso.