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Jul 21, 2014 · While the term "hostel" seems synonymous with youth culture and student backpacking trips, I've met people of all ages and professions while staying in 4/5(3).

Even though Europe is no longer the budget backpacker's paradise, shoestring travelers still have their pick of several thousand hostels, each providing cheap beds where you sleep alongside strangers for $20–40 per night. And as Europe has grown more affluent, the average hostel experience has gotten a .

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Maybe what I need is a list of the party hotels so I can avoid them. I got to the hostel I where I stayed in Barcelona through a hostel booking website. Fieldgate, thanks for the suggestion of the other forums. I was hoping that there were some other Older Travelers here that also used hostels in Europe, too.

Europe - Hostels for Adults? - My husband and I want to move around Europe without a lot of prebookings. I've noticed that some of the (814837)Europe - Hostels for Adults? - My husband and I.