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You know it’s a good day, if you learned something new. Here at the JCC, we offer a wide range of Continuing Education to make sure every day is a good day. Learn something brand new, brush up some of your skills or even take the first steps in a new career.

Adult Education: Home. Indiana Adult Education programs provide math, reading, and writing instruction free of charge to help you acquire the skills needed to earn a high school equivalency diploma, go to college, or enter an entry-level occupational certification program. You can even earn a high school equivalency diploma and an occupational certificate at the same time through our.

The DWD's Division of Adult Education strives to ensure delivery of foundational skills development, career pathways, and academic and career counseling services to adults and out-of-school youth for the purposes of employment, reemployment, or enhanced employment. Adult educators and Workforce.

The Indiana Department of Education coordinates adult learning classes, which are offered in every county in the state. One of the largest school districts to offer adult education, Indianapolis.

Professional development and continuing education programs. Professional development and continuing education courses offered by OCE provide next-level training and professional development designed to meet the needs of Indiana’s professionals, workforce, and employers. Most of our professional development classes are open to the public.