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Getting Your Old Dog to Tolerate Your New Puppy adult dog new puppy

It is acceptable for the adult dog to correct a puppy when the unwanted behavior directly affected the adult itself, but the adult should not be allowed to make the rules. Your adult dog and your new puppy need to see that you and all the other humans are the ones ultimately in charge.

Adult dogs often welcome a new canine buddy but it's important to try to choose compatible pet matches. Some puppies will require quarantine before meeting the rest of the doggy family as well. It's important to remember that a resident dog naturally protects its turf.

All dogs and new puppy should be on leashes. If you have more than one dog already at home, introduce them to the puppy one at a time. Start with the most friendly and submissive of your dogs. For a really young puppy (4 months and under): start by having a friend holding the puppy in their arms.

If your adult-dog is displaying extremely aggressive behavior towards the new pup then you probably need to consult with a dog trainer or behaviorist before continuing with introducing a new puppy.

Dec 07, 2016 · Introduce a new puppy to your adult dog in neutral territory, like outside in the garden or even at a park away from the house. You could even let them meet for the first time on opposite sides of a chain-link fence. If they are meeting face to face, your dog should be leashed initially while the puppy approaches him for the first time.