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The City Adult Learning Centre (CALC) is a secondary school that offers an academic program for adult students, ages 21 and over, who wish to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). We support all post secondary destinations: college, university, apprenticeship and workplace.

City Adult Learning Centre/CALC Secondary School.

City Adult Learning Centre school web site. Fees CALC is tuition free. Students pay a $30 activity fee which covers the student agenda, celebrations, guest speakers and theme days.

The City Adult Learning Centre (CALC) offers a variety of credit courses for adult students wishing to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, prepare for college or university, or gain job related training. We provide quality education -- tuition free!

adult learning in the gta and toronto schools originally published in the 2015 Winter Issue To get the picture just try getting a parking spot on a weeknight at an adult education centre.